i'm jessica colaluca, and this site is the newest chapter in my color loving life.

previous chapters include:
  1. sharpening crayons during my earliest years, only to revel in how amazing the colorful shavings are
  2. creating inspiration collages on my bedroom walls & closet doors
  3. filling endless sketchbooks with color chips and image boards when i ran out of wall space
  4. graduating from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Industrial Design 
  5. working as a designer at Ford, Reebok, and Timberland
  6. going rogue and starting a design consultancy in 2009
  7. launching Design Seeds®, a color and inspiration site, in May of 2009
  8. said color & inspiration goes viral, receiving 1-2 million pageviews per month for the next decade, while gaining over 1.5 million followers across social
  9. blogging, social media'ing, & working with some cool clients
chapter nowreturning to my roots exploring the pure joy of color, and sharing it all here on HI HUES through my photography, edits, and color swatches

modern color + analogue happy = HI HUES

thank you for exploring :D