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HI HUES™ ... all rights reserved.
HI HUES™ is offered as an inspiration tool and is not intended as an actual color specifier system. We do not take responsibility for any color shifts that occur in digital or printed forms. HEX values are generated through digital software, and accuracy may vary.
You may share HI HUES on your blog or site. To honor copyright, the images may not be modified, have graphics added, or collaged into an image board. Proper attribution includes crediting HI HUES and supplying a link back to the original post.
You may share HI HUES in social media per the conditions stated above.
You may use HI HUES colors in creating designs, illustrations, or crafts. However, you may not include HI HUES as part of the name or title (including marketing or selling of your product).
Content, Copyrights, & the HI HUES Blog

All photography and color chips on the website and blog are original content created exclusively for HI HUES.

Copyrights for select inspiration content shared on the blog are not owned by HI HUES, and are credited through Pinterest attribution. These images have not been uploaded to our site, and are embedded via Pinterest to provide appropriate link back and credit.

Any work is that inaccurately credited, please contact us, and it will be updated for more accurate attribution.

If your are copyright owner of a pinned image,  and you wish to have it removed from the blog, please contact us, and it will be gladly deleted.

"Mobile Candy" wallpapers are offered free to readers for personal use only.  They are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes, including promotional use on social media. All copyrights are retained by HI HUES.
HI HUES does not collect, market, or sell personal data including email addresses, I.P. addresses, or other personal information.

Log Files and Cookies
This website utilizes a minimal analytics package (with being hosted by Blogger, an analytics feature is integrated into the platform ... Google Analytics is not employed on this site). The integrated analytics gathers limited information on visitors to our website automatically. Identifiable personal information, including IP addresses, are not tracked. 

General information gathered via Blogger analytics includes browser type, referring pages, operating system used, and country of origin. This information does not identify individual users; it is used for site administration, as well as for analysis of website usage and trends.
Additionally, cookies may be used to provide easier and faster access to website features. 

Cookies are small text files, and we do not store personally identifiable information in them. Features such as "share" buttons necessitate the use of cookies, which are created by the social networks, not the HI HUES site(s).
If you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.
Updated 11.08.2021